Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Rodeo season is here with rodeo number 1, 2016.

This evening's rodeo hosted a great crowd with a relief in the afternoon temperature.  Eager Mutton Busters, did their thing, riding those not so eager sheep. New royalty, rested stock and "ready to go" athletes  in good shape for the event, were happy to start this season.
Hunter Brossfeid took 76 points in the Bareback event withAlfred Grim taking first in Saddle Bronc as he scored 78. Nick Chew was second with a score of 74.

The bulls were ready as were the riders. Nate Hoey took first with 90 points whileQuinten Hayden scored 89. These were two terrific rides!

The bulls won in Junior Bullring and the calves escaped capture in calf roping.
Ribbon Roping event saw Lynn Campbell and Sarah walker taking first place with a 12.43. Second place Riley Beach and Tianna Davis had a time of 12.99.
The Breakaway event watched Haillie Taylor win first place in 2.53.Tammy Goza clocked 2.83

Barrel 1D gave first to Renae Rice 17.62 with Jackie King at 18.07.
Barrels 2D had Trudy Petersen take first with 18.67 and Gentry Goza place second with 18.71.
In Barrels 3D, Sharae Dorscher ran a 19.71 and Cassie Clark took second with 21.63.

In Team Roping, #8, the team of Harley Roberts
and Cole Roberts took first in 21.65 seconds.
Second place went to Jerry McKay and Glen Younger
with 24.03 seconds on the clock.
In Team Roping #11  a time of 14.14 was earned by Kyle Rush and Mario Baleztena.
Second pl;ace with a time of 16.93 went to ClayNorell and Jayce Norell.



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