Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Fruita Art Camp Summer 2016

DEADLINE extended to May 27 due to openings as follows:
Week one,  12
Week two, 14
Week three, 10
Mini camp openings 15.

Print out from this site.... Complete Registration Form. Send with checks made out to Fruita Art Camp. Remember space is limited to 35, so please send forms postmarked by May 20, or deliver to FMS, Susan, by May 20.  We will establish a waiting list. Make out checks to Fruita Middle School Art Club.
Address: Fruita Art Camp in care of  V. Mulder 
983 E. Pabor Ave  Fruita CO 81521                                                   
 If convenient, you can place all registration forms and money into envelope and give to Susan, at the Fruita Middle School. Please address that envelope the same way you would do if mailing.  
Things to bring:
    a water bottle marked with name.
    sack lunch with added snacks for break,  all marked with name
Clothing appropriate for painting etc. a hat or cap, sun screen optional...
    wear comfortable shoes for activities ,  we do running games at breaks sometimes.           

Day schedule runs as follows:
8:45am – begin sign in. Children are divided
into groups,  begin art projects.
(break time around 10:15am, then continue projects.)
12 pm – Lunch
1 pm – Art projects
1:45 pm – Break time
2 pm – Art projects continued.
2:50 pm – clean up, begin sign outs as parents, guardians arrive.

The cost is $75 per week, if a sibling, then  that sibling’s cost is $40.  Because of high demand, a wait list will be established in case registrations not in by deadline, or capacity limit not met.
The 5th week is a mini camp of 3 days.  Charge $40 per camper, $20 for a sibling.
Ages:  5 as long as child has completed kindergarten, to students completing grade 5.  Please mark the week, or weeks you want. We can’t make refunds because we hire teachers based on numbers.
In case of a serious emergency, we can make a refund, but for no other reason,   Our camps cost much less than other camps. Please understand that.
Each week of camp offers different projects.
ALL Materials furnished to be used include; Clay, mixed media, watercolor and tempera paint,
Chalk, different types of paper, found objects, fiber materials, scrap wood and more .
You can see activities suggested for each week on Fruita Art Camp (Facebook)and
Facebook, Mulder4kids and learning
Camp time....Begin signing in at 8:45am   Camp ends at 3:00pm                                                                                            
Mark the week, or weeks you choose:     Indicate how many campers you have for  each of the weeks you choose.                  
May 30 to June 3 _____________  Theme: What were the dinosaurs really like?                       
June 6 – June 10  _____________   Einstein, Really?1?  Art teaches math.                        
June 13 – 17         _____________  It's a Nature Thing, just look around...
June 20 – 24         _____________  Meet you in a Book! Who knows what can happen!
June 27, 28,29      _____________  Explore Creativity, (3 day camp) $40 

Camper’s Names; with age of each
Home Phone_______________ Cell__________________


City_____________________  Zip___________
Emergency contact and phone

Emergency phone 24/7_____________________________________
If you think needed, family doctor and phone_________________________________________
Please list any allergies, conditions teachers should know about.

If medication is needed, who should
administer this? Phone number please,

Please list those persons you have authorized to pick up your campers along  with their phone number

If your child, children are able to walk home then . Indicate here by writing out that permission and signing that permission.

If your child, children will be biking to and from camp, please write that permission and sign it here.
_Please sign here for field trip permission to attend Dino Journey and or Children’s Nature Center.___________________________________________________________________________ 

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