Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Rodeo 3, 2017

First of all, apologies but my adobe program has to be rebooted as it keeps crashing and thus I have not posted many photos from rodeo 2 and cannot load an from this evening, rodeo 3, until I fix things. Here are the results for this evening's performances:
No rides for Bareback and Bronc riding
Bullriding: First place, Jason Blasdel 84 and second place, Nate Hoey 80.
Junior Bulls: Luke Wheeler 63, the only successful rider.
Calf Roping: First place,Trea Smith, 10.92; Second place, Payson Hallam 16,94
Ribbon Roping: First place Kole Roberts and Harlee Robeas 9.80
Breakaway; First place Bailey Herrera, 4.60,
Barrels 1D, First place, Katy Lepp 17.91, Second place,  Bailey Hammer 18.03
2D, First place Jordyn minor, 19.05, Second place,Emma Rushing 19.31
3D, Lacee Phelpls, 1995
Team Roping: #8 First place Chris McCoy and Todd Chamberlin 17.48
                            Second place, Harlee Roberts and Kale Roberts, 22.56
Team Roping #11, First place Wyatt Hallam and Trae Smith 12.87
                               Second place, Jesse Baker and wAde Baize, 20.11

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Rim Rock Rodeo, Results Week one and two, June 2017

Fruita's Rim Rock Rodeo took off last week, June 6.
Results from that event showed no bareback nor Saddle bronc winners.
As for the bull riders, Jason Blasdel took first with 76, Nate Hoey was second with 75.
Junior Bull riders saw Chance Bibb win first with 75 and Luke Walker was second  with 72...

Calf Roping Kade Roberts scored a 12.08 for 1st place.
Photos from week two will be posted in a few days.

First place in Ribbon Roping went to Kale Roberts and Conner Cannan, 20.57,
Second, Chris McCoy and Claivs McCoy20.95.
Breakaway: Shanna Shipley 2.07 for first, Cynda Norell 3.88 for second.
Barrels, 1D, first Shanna Shipley 17.16,Ashley Hamilton 17.75 second
2D Tammy Goza 18.52 , first; Emma Rushing 18.72, second

3D Jordan Miner, 1917, first; Shaylyn Arpke 19.22, second
Team Roping #8 first, Jerry McKay and Glen Younger 24.70
                        second, Tammy Goza, Chris Wehling 33.39
Team Roping #11 first Terry Forrest, Larrett Lawrence 14.64
                        second, Terry Forrest and Kole Roberts 14.80

Week two, June13
Nix on bareback and saddle broncs, riders zero
Bulls, Robert Gracie made an 83 for the only successful ride of the night.
(Weather was cooler)
Jr. Bulls, Devin Barns 70 as the only successful rider of the night.
Calf roping Rory beach 20.28, only successful calf roping
Ribbon Roping First, Kelly Chamberlin and Maddie Chamberlin
                       Second, Chris McCoy and JC McCoy 34.64
Breakaway First, Sheany Shipley 1.94, Second Brannan Allen 2.69
Barrels 1D, First, Bailey Hammer 18/15,  second, Gentry Goza 18.24
             2D, Trista Lindcum 19.21,  Lori Allen, 19.49
             3D,Allie Morton 20.22.  Kayanna Vidmar, 21.10

Team Roping #8 First, red Harper and Heath Harper 21.80
                        Second, Brannan Allen and Ed Duran 27.90
                     #11 First, Terry Forrest and Kale Roberts 15.92
                       Second, Dusty Seely and Josh Nicklas, 16.22

Saturday, March 18, 2017


Art Camp, June 2017,
 ____  Week 1, June 5 Found in water (fish, submarines,sea creatures,  create your own…
_____ Week 2, June 12 Ways to get around, skate
boards to, space rockets and back again      ____Week 3, June 19 Places, if I could travel anywhere…city, state, or country…(research, story)
_____Week 4, June 26 In my future/  careers, could be fireman, chef, zoo keeper…
Be sure to mark the week or weeks you choose.
Parent (guardian) names___________________________
child's name and age______________________________
 City___________________________  Zip_____________________
Phone (s)____________________, _________________________
Emergency number(s) ______________________________
Contact, if Emergency _______________________________
and if you think needed, Doctor or clinic with phone number _____________________________________
_______________________________________________________....Please list any allergies, conditions teachers need to know about
If medications needed, who administers with phone# __________________________.
.List names of authorized  persons who will be picking up your child, children and phone #s.
Please write a note , dated and signed if your child is to walk or bike home after each art camp..
If we have a  field trip ,  we will notify you. To facilitate this please sign and tell us your child (children ) may do so.
For field trips  (Fruita Dino Journey, or the Mall to Children’s Nature Center) we will need volunteer drivers with liability insurance.
If you could, please write your name  phone number below with the number of seats
you have to place children. I can take 4 as I have 5 seat belts. Thank you.
__________________________________________________________...._________________________________________________________Camp fee, $80 per camper, sibling $50.
Mail checks and form to: Vera Mulder, Art Camp, 983 E. Pabor Ave., Fruita 81521
Mailing deadling: must be postmarked May 28.

Space limited…  phone 970 314 1245   home 970 858 9008 leave message here...

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Rim Rock Rodeo number thirteen ended the regular season under blue skies.

The championships and awards will be announced and awarded Sept 24, during the grand finale event at the Fruita Rim Rock Grounds.
Tonight's winners are as follows:
Bareback, Shane Smith
Bulls, Bryant Osborne 85
Jr. Bulls, Bulls won all.
Ribbon Roping, Tammy Goza and braman Allen 12.84
Breakaway, Shanney Shipley 2.60 and second, Lynda Norell 4.44
Barrels  1D, Renae Rice 17.78 and second, Brittney Cordova 18.03
              2D, Jorlyn Minor, 19.05 and second, Marina Jones, 19.16
              3D, ShaTeam Ropingylene Schmidt 20.18, second Brittney Brabeue 20.33
Team Roping #8, Randi Denton and Larrett Lawrence 16.71
                            Second place, Brett Chamberlin and Toddd Chamberlin 17.39
                     #11, Cyade Norell and Josh Nicklas, 15.12
                             Second place, Jerry McKay and Riley beach 16.22

I just love Rodeo!