Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Rim Rock Rodeo number 11

Under overcast skies, but perfect temperature, Rodeo number eleven went on before a great crowd.
The results of this night are as follows:
Bareback: 1st, Gavin Barrick 66, 2nd Shane Smith 61
Saddle Bronc: 1st Chance Guerio 78, 2nd J.Hett Proffett
Bulls:  Nate Hoey 84
Jr Bulls: 1st, Chance Bildo 70
Calf Roping: Brannan Allen 13.91
Ribbon Roping: Kelly Chamberlain and Maddie Chamberlain, first.
Breakaway: Brannan Allen 2.59, 2nd Cynda Norell 2.6  
Barrels 1D: 1st Makenh Fair 16.38, 2nd Gentry Goza 17.20
             2D: 1st, Aleha Mazwek 17.90, 2nd Marane Jares 18.36
             3D: 1st, Catlin Jorgeson 18.89, 2nd, Riley McElmurny
Team Roping
             #8, 1st, Tammy Goza and Braman Allen 25.30
                   2nd Vivian Chamberlin and Todd Chamberlain    
            #11, 1st, Wes Jones and Ty Smith 17.11
                    2nd, Kyle Rush, Riley beach, 18.66