Sunday, December 17, 2017

A Railroad Dream for all Ages

Well, I have to admit, I was like a kid after entering the room built by the Model Railroad organization at Cross Orchards, a part of our Valley's Museum system, a gem in Mesa County.
   Founded in 1987, the Grand Valley Model Railroad Club would meet in different restaurants around town. Following the NMRA rules, the club members built individual modules.
Christmas of  1988, the club began having showings of their handiwork in any vacant building they could find. Then, in 1992, a 12 foot x 60 foot mobile home was bought and placed on the fair grounds. Finally in 1998, the club moved to a permanent home at Cross Orchards Country farm Museum. With the help of the lottery grant and donations from many local businesses, in 2000, the museum allowed the club to build the present building now housing the models built by members, as a permanent layout. The construction began in 2004. Additions and improvements continue to surprise all viewers.
   According to the president of the club, Mickey Nuttall, "The emphasis of the work is on the railroads in the mountains of the Western Slope including GJ, Mt. Garfield, Glenwood Springs and the canyon, Minturn and Leadville are now built."
  He noted that a new section consisting of the narrow gauge to Montrose is under construction.
  Nuttall noted that "New members are always welcome."
  Meetings take place every Thursday evening, 7:00 PM.   Business meetings are held the second Monday of the month at 7:00PM

Hours and hours have been put into these displays.

The wonderment of the railroad always engages the imagination..

Hours of creating great detail are evident.

Imagine trying to run the trains with no accidents.

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Tracks are always maintained, cleaned and carefully monitored.
Hours have been spent creating these models to seem alive.

Young and old are engaged in showing the work of these trains.

While the Union Pacific's  Control Center
is in Omaha , Nebraska, here is the control
panel for the Model club's trains.

Here Vice President of the club, Buck Buchana
 answers questions.

A full length wall mural was painted by David
Morris and Burlin Keller

This section replicates Glenwood Springs.

Passing through Palisade, the orchards are created.

Members have special skills, some electrical, some
computer, some construction, and many other
talents .

Holding the buttons, the VP is able to
start and stop the trains by typing in the
number for whatever train he is guiding.

It is with great care and skills, that the members have constructed
these sections.

The President constructed this replica of the lumber industry.
He noted that the craftsman limited edition Kit had been
discontinued, but the company had sent the blue prints and
 instructions. He ordered the wood from Canada.
 The 2 x 6 frame was constructed over a period of 10 months
to scale.  It was built board by board with lumber 1/6 to 18/24.

Mr. Nuttall was amazed at the number of visitors who said they did not know there was a Cross Orchards Farm Museum.
He also noted some of the many skills members bring to and share with other members such as computer skills, wiring, maintaining switches, mending whatever needs to be mended, synchronizing times, cleaning, repairing and of course, continuing to build and create.
As a non profit, the group welcomes donations, does fund raisers and adds new members, ages 14 and up...
During this Christmas Season, you can visit the display every Saturday and Sunday. Check the Cross Orchards web site for times.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Fruita held its Christmas parade tonight, Dec. 9.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Halloween in the Valley Fruita, Grand Junction

Photos tell the story of the great Trucks 'n Treat morning in Fruita, and the Street
and Treat in G
All costumes entirely hand made at home by occupants!

rand Junction.