Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Rimrock Rodeo number 8

What a lovely evening, no dust, no 100 degrees! Both the athletes and the animals loved it, as did the Moab photographers and the one from London. Maybe Rimrock will become internationally famous.

The show went on and here are the results.
No scores for Bareback and Saddle Broncs. 
Bulls: Jate Frost, first with 81;Jason Blasdel, second with 75.
Junior Bulls: first Luke Walker, 73 and Chance Bibb second 71.
Calf Roping: first, Jate Frost 10.44; second, Rory Beach 17.84
Ribbon Roping: team Kale Roberts and Harlee Roberts first, 8.20;
        second, team Steve Biggerstaff and Cord Biggerstaff, 41.12
Breakaway: Tammy Gaza first, 3.12.
Barrels: 1D, first Katy Roberts17.96; second Raelyn Rinaldo 17.88
               2D, first Hailley Mazunck 19.75; second Heather Blasdel 19.51
               3D, first Brittney Braveo, 20.27
Team Roping: #8 team of Harlee Roberts and Chance Lucchesi first 26.26         
         second, team Devin Kohis and Josh Nicklas, 30.69
Team Roping: #11 team of Terry Forrest and Jace Norell 13.21,
         second, team of Ryley Beach and Kale Roberts 11.94

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Rodeo photos, miscellaneous, from 3,4, and some 5, Rim Rock, 2017

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Photos rodeo seven, more photos on Rodeo 7 results