Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Rimrock rodeo number 10, Aug. 7,2018

All photos edited are posted.

The winners in tonights' show were the animal athletics.
The Broncs and the Bulls and Calves in the Roping
even all won. Sorry riders and ropers,

Ribbon roping had Kelly Chamberlin and Maddie Chamberlerlin take first.
Second place went to Loriann Klinglesmith and Jose Cano
breakaway's only winner was Loriann  Klinglesmith

Barrels: 1D Bailey Hammer 18.28 ,
                    Maddie Chamberlain 18.72
              2D Abbey Bedou 19.37
                    Patience Williams 19.52
              3D Sealia Sexton 20.70
                    Melanie Shiflett 20.82

Team Roping
 #8  First, Chris McCoy and Rory Beach
       Second Wyatt Bramwell and Kelly Chamberlin
#11  First,  Kelly Chamberlin and Kole Robert
       Second, Kyle Rush and Tee Wofford

#11  First,  Kelly Chamberlin and Kole Robert
       Second, Kyle Rush and Tee Wofford

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Rimrock rodeo number 9, July 31, 2018


The rodeo results for this very warm evening, July 31, are as follows:
The only successful bull   ride was Jate Frost with an 82.
Junior bulls saw only one success as well, Joey Martin. Was not given the score.
Calf Roping :, one winner. Jate Frost in 9.98 seconds.
Ribbon Roping: first, Caitlin Lucchesi and Jose Caro,  
                          second,  Jate Frost and Lundin H.
Breakaway:first, Jacelyn Frost, second, Loriann Klingesmith
Barrels: 1D, first, Bailey Hammer 17.41, second, Lori Wolfe, 18.35
              2D,Crystal Williams, 18.43 and second, Shaylynn Arpke, 19.06
              3D, Patience Williams, 20.06, second, Emily Steiner, 20.80
Team Roping:
#8 First, Red Harper and James Aland, Second, Kyle Rush and Cay Sears
#11, First, Kyle Rush and Jerry Brown, second, Kyle Rush and Kent Edwards