Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Rimrodk Rodeo number seven, July 17.

Rodeo number seven results follow these bullring photos.
Mutton busting' is being edited and will be posted tomorrow.

The rodeo began with a great drop in temperature, clouds, but alas, no rain.
Results are as follows:

Bulls: Gavin Barrack 87 first place, Nate Hoey second place, 83.
Junior bulls: no winners
Ribbon Roping: Rory Beach and Remi Baldwin first place, 23.62
                           Kole Robersa and Harlee Roberts second place, 27.14
Breakaway: Sheany Shipley, 2.38
Barrels 1D: Bailey Hammer, first, 18.88;  Shylee Jones, second, 19.04
             2D: Shaylyn Arpke 20.40, first; Kayanna Vidmar,second 20.85
             3D: Emily Steirel, first , 21.80;  Roni Brown 22.11 for second.
Team Roping
              #8: First, Kyle Rush and Chris McCoy
                    Second, Kyle Rush and Jake Stevens
             #11: First,  Kyle Rush and Tee Wofford
                     Second, Sheaney Shipley and Jerry Brown

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Rimrock Rodeo number 6, July 10, 2018, Dedicated to Jason Blasdell

The sad news of the loss of Jason Blagsdell in a bull riding event last week was announced and a  special prayer for him was said as cowboy athletes threw their hats into the ring as s symbol of support and rodeo family solidarity...Proceeds from a raffle are going to the family as are other fund raisers being held.

Mutton busting and other rodeo photos follow. Bulls follow the barrel racing photos.

Tonight's results are as follows:
No Bareback or Saddle Bronc.
Bulls: Quinten Hayden took an 81 for the only successful ride.
Junior Bulls: Joey Martin took first. Dominic Price was second.
Calf Roping: Jate Frost was the only successful roper
Ribbon Roping: First place pair, Kale Roberts and Harlee Roberts
                          Second place, Jate Frost and Jacelyn Frost
Breakaway: Sheany Shipley and Loriann Kinglesmith
Barrels: 1D, Bailey Hammer 17.03 for first, and Tianna Davis, second 17.12
              2D, Erika Chrand 18.15 for first, and Shaylyn Arpke 18.59, second
              3D, Patience Williams, (time not given), for first and Kortney Krayerbring 19.23 for second

Team Roping: (Header listed first then Heeler)
#8 First place team: Chris McCeach and Coy Sears
     Second place team:Kelly Chamberlin and Kale Roberts (Times not listed)
#11 First place team, Rory Beach and Riley Beach 17.78
       Second place team, Kelly Chamberlin and Kale Roberts, 19.81