Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Rimrock Rodeo 3, 25th anniversary year

  Photos tomorrow evening.
Results from the third rodeo of the season:
Saddle Bronc Perry Forter 78
Bulls, first Quinten Hayden 82 and  second, Arles Hernandez 77        
Jr Bulls, firstJoey Martin 71, second Justin Varner 68
Calf roping, first Date Frost 10.27, second Josh Frost 11.92
Ribbon Roping, first Kale Roberts and Harlee Roberts, 8.16
                           second, Josh Frost, Erika Chrand 17.53
Breakaway, first Shanney Shipley 1.96 , second Jacelyn Frost 4.70
Barrels 1D, first Deanna Linn 18.11; second Bailey Hammer 18.22
             2D, Bayler Shaffer 19.28, second Jackie King 19.33
             3D, Emily Steiner 21.03, Jolene Owens 26.
Team Roping, #8 first, Shanney Shipley and Coy Sears 17.80
                             second, Harlee Roberts and JD Slagowski
                       #11 first, Kyle Rush and Jon Goza
                              second, Grey Raine and Michael Baleztera

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Rim Rock Rodeo number 2 , 2018

Rim Rock Rodeo number two for the 25th anniversary year started out with plenty of energy.
Barrels, Mutton Busting and the Grand Opening were followed by great performances by the athletes and by the animals.
Results are as follows:
Saddle Bronc: 1st Perry Forster
The bulls won both events, riders , zero and bulls 100%
Calf Roping:Hunter Reaume 11.73 first place, Brannan Allen 12.41, second place.
Ribbon Roping: Kale Roberts and Harlee Roberts, first  The calves outran the rest of the contestants.
Breakaway: Brannan Allen, 2.37, first, Second chanda Norell, 2.63.
1D First Bailey Hammer, Second, crystal Williams
2D Jordyn Minor first Gayla Shaefer , second
3D First, Jackie King, Second, Kayanna Vidmar
Team Roping:
#8 First: Kyle Rush and Brannan Allen 15.75
     Second, Kyle Rush and Rory Beach 22.96
#11 First Brannan Allen and Dean Rane 15.65
       Second Kyle Rush and Jon Gaza 16.20
#13 First Terry Forrest and Lake Younger 5.6
       Second Jerry Brown and Make Younger  6.9