Saturday, December 9, 2017

Fruita held its Christmas parade tonight, Dec. 9.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Halloween in the Valley Fruita, Grand Junction

Photos tell the story of the great Trucks 'n Treat morning in Fruita, and the Street
and Treat in G
All costumes entirely hand made at home by occupants!

rand Junction.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Championship finals, Rim Rock Rdoeo,Sept 23, 2017

 With rain during slack, the rodeo sort of dried out for the main Show..
The broncs won both events. While the bulls gave up several rides.
First place went to Conner Qusuda  with  a 73. Second place was taken by Cutler Cowden with a a score of 71.
In junior bulls, Chance Bibb placed first, Cad Etchaberry, second.
In Calf Roping, Jate Frost first, Rory Beach, second.
Barrels 1D: first;  Gentry Goza, second:Kary Lepp
             2D: one winner , Jordan Minor
             3D:forst: Shaylynn Arpke, second: Maddie Chamberlin

Team Roping:
#8, First place team, Jesse Baker and Carl Pellum
      Second place: Wyatt Bramwell and Steve Biggerstaff.
#11 First place:  Dusty Sleep and Ty Smith
       Second place: Kelley Chamberlin and Ty Smith.

Photos will be posted within a few days.
Thanks to the lighting, my bulls did not take well. I need to do a fund raiser so I can buy one of those 1.5 aperture opening lenses for my Nikon....Mucho denarii!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Rim Rock rodeo number12, End of Season.

I have peeped some photos and posted them I have more to add later.
See you all Sept 23...anyone wanting special photos of yourself and animals...get in touch
text 970 314 1245

Be sure to attend the championships Sept 23 at Rim Rock.
This evening's results are as follows:
SADDLE BRONC: 1st Chance Guenco 73
JR BULLS: 1st, Like Walker 74, 2nd Chance Bibb 66.70
OPEN BULLS: 1st Jate Frost 75, 2nd Zack Jammeron 71
CALF ROPING: Jate Frost 10.20, 2nd Rory Beach
RIBBON ROPING: 1st Riley Beach and Maddie Chamberlain
                                  2nd, Brett Chamberlain and Bev Chanberlain
BREAKAWAY: 1st Bannon Allen 2.48, 2nd Tammy Goza 3.55
BARRELS 1D: Kuty Lepp 17.54, 2nd McKenna Coz 18.25
                   2D: Crystal Williams 19.10, 2nd Made Masias 19.11
                   3D: Catlin Tureson 19.58, 2nd Shaylynn Arpke 20.64
1st Kyle Rush and Jess Jackser  12.97
2nd, Jess Jackson and Ed Dunn 14.70
1st Rory beach and riley beach 16.20
2nd Kyle Rush and riley beach 16.58

Photos of slack barrels to come and perhaps someone will send me photos of the bulls and mutton busting as I had to teach my class at the college and so missed those events.