Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Rimrock Rodeo number 2, 2016

Clear skies, warm temperature, with a good crowd, the second rodeo of this season got underway.
Results from tonight's event are as follows:
Saddle Bronc: First place Colton Bumgarner, a 34
Bulls: One rider succeeded, Casey Farmington with 81
Junior Bulls: Jate Frost 74 and Jimmy Duecook 63
Ribbon Roping: First, Riley Beach and Tianna Davis, 10.+
                           Second, Tammy Goza and Brannan Allen 19.84
Breakaway: Ashtyn Calson, 8.98
Barrels: 1D First, Brittney Cordova 17.91 and second, Gentry Goza, 18.6
              2D, Sharae Dorscher 18.95 and Jordyn Minor 19. +
              3D, Marana Jones 20.77 and Kayanna Vidmar, 21.+
Team Roping #8, First, Ryle Rush and Glen Younger 16.+
                             Second,  Coy Sears and Riley Beach 22.+
                      #11 Terry Forrest and riley Beach 13.51
                              Rea Wisegerber and T. Woffod 17.31

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