Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Rimrock Rodeo number three (photos are posted)

The sun sort of went under clouds after slack time which made the temperature cool. Thank goodness!
The evening's results are as follows;
Bareback and saddle winners
Bulls Quinten Hayden a 93, first and Tony Mendes 89, second.
Junior bulls, Nate Hoey the one and only winner with 68. Bulls were wild!
Calf roping, Jesse Cordova and Trent Vernon were the only successful ropers with 25.59
No one won Ribbon roping.
Breakaway, first went to Ashley Fanrston, 3.33 and second to Breannan Allen, 6.71.
1D, Kathy Norell 17.64, first and second was Ashtyn Hammer 17.86.
2D, Stephanie Brady 18.92 for first and second was Hallie Taylor, 19.21
3D, Jessia Mendes, 19.81 for first and second, Jessica Heopes, 19.82
Team Roping: (Header listed first, Heeler, second)
#8 First Kim Roses and Josh Warren
     Second, Red Harper and Paul Holiday
#11, First, Hailey Tayleo and T. Woffert
      Second, Kevin Krecht and Travis Krachet

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