Thursday, June 26, 2014

Rimrock Rodeo, June 24, 2014

What an evening, with Mother Nature having a high temperature, and a last minute job, I missed mutton busting' -but the bull riding was. well, really scary and exciting.
You will find many photos of those events. Slack barrel racing will be posted at the end of this  Walker with 17.72section, or in another blog since I still need to edit those photos.
Results from the competitions are as follows:
The bulls won as they came out with explosive energy.
Junior bulls: Nate Hoey had 73 for first and Macade Bronsco was second with 72. A close one!
Calf Roping watched Ryan Canty be the lone success.
In Ribbon Roping, Riley Beach and Hailey Taylor took first for the second time.
Jesse Cordova and Brittany Cordova placed second. 
In Breakaway, Brittany  Brassfield was first and Sarah Walker placed second.
Barrels went sipping away as follows:
1D, Loni Wolfe with a 17.44 and Shelby Walker with 17.72.
2D, Renae Rice rode 'round in 18.93 for first/
3D Jordan Miner had a 19.56, and Ashley Hamilton, 19.60
In Team Roping headers are listed first then Heelers.
Team Roping teams #8 saw Kim Rogers and Riley Beach place first. Second went to Kyle Rush and Riley beach.
Team #11 first place went to Riley Beach and Jerry Brown. Kevin Kracht and Travis Kracht made up the second place team.

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