Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Rimrock Rodeo 5, July 1 2014.

With high expectations after their last week whirlwinds and dust, the bulls had to give up rides to Quinten Hayden for a score of 85. Jason Blasdel took second place with 83 points.
Junior bulls strutted their "stuff" but not as successfully as their older partners. Nade Hoey rode for a 65 and second place Ty Walker made 60 points.
Seth Hartman rode his saddle bronc for the required time. I didn't get the points for the ride.
Jesse Cordova took first in calf roping getting the job done in 13.61 seconds.  Riley Beach handled his calf in 16.49 seconds.
Beach and Hallie Taylor won the only place in Ribbon Roping.
Having roped in last week's contest and gaining experience, youngster Brannon Allen, ten years old won the Breakaway contest leaving second place for Sarah Walker.
In the team Roping Contest, Kyle Rush and Riley Beach too first in team #8 category. Second went to Brannan Allen and Jon Gaza.
Team #11 competition saw Travis Kracht and Kevin  Kracht place first. Second place went to Tammy Gaza and Jon Gaza.
Barrel racing first place for 1D went to Brittenny Gavagen with a 17.62 and second to Loni Wolfe, 17.79.  Two D category Barrels saw Jessica Hapes ride to first with 18.68. Second place went to Heather Blasdel.  Three D barrels went to Morgan Dillingham, 19.65 for first and Jordan Miner rode to second with 19.87.
Barrel photos are downloaded. Still working on rest of the rode, mutton busting and on.....

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