Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mike the Headless Chicken 16th Annual Festival 2014

 Mike the Headless Chicken Festival's 16th annual showing lucked out with good weather and happy crowds.  The success was welcome although some of the quirky events were missing, the events that make the festival one heck of a good time. There was a chicken wing eating contest somewhere and we think, a marshmallow chick one as well. The beer garden and music were well attended. Vendors packed the Civic Center lawn and parking lot. Food choices were great. Dig the guy with the root beer float, best I've had in a long time. Other venues looked good. The Fruita Lionesses put out a really cute headless chicken booth with a little of something for everyone as did the Mike Booth.
The fact that there were free games, bean bag, twirl the balls, ride in a big bubble and just try standing up seemed popular and fun for all.
The Saturday bands were really good. My pick of bands had to be a local band calling themselves, Bicycle Annie and another, Slopeside.
Th Lion's pancake breakfast was just great as always. The Fruita Monument High School's best organization, the FFA (and State and nationally recognized) helped the Lions with the breakfast.

Four of the FFA STATE of COLORADO winning team
The  photos tell much of the story about this year's Mike The Headless Chicken. Here's hoping it continues to be a success and brings back a few of the old quirky things...say the chicken dance...
those things that appeal to all ages and mind sets. Thanks to those who worked so hard to make all go well and to the god of weather for the gift of blue skies and moderate temperature.

No vendors ever gave the actual bottle of root beer
and man, was this brand great!
This brave owner did a special way of painting his pickup.
The patina was georgous.

Good food venues make for happy stomachs.

This has to be a show stealer...I think the owner said it is
one of four that he knows of.
This week's Free Press featured this artist and car expert, Jeff
Bates who stands with his lovely wife in front of one of his

Wow! What Color!

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