Saturday, October 26, 2013

Legends of Grand Junction holds Dedication Ceremony for the Four Prinster Brothers founders of City Market

In 1924, the four Prinster brothers launched their first City Market amidst thirty some other mom and pop similar businesses but these brothers had a vision and introduced new ways to shop in their store. This store became known for its innovations in buying groceries and won great recognition in 1938. It was 1950 when the second store was founded, again with new ideas and innovations.
From this beginning, the store chain spread to 38 different locations around this region. The four brothers' hard work had paid off as Clarence, Frank, Leo and Paul watched their efforts become more than just satisfactory.
Their story is captured by authors Anthony Prinster and  Kate Ruland-Thorne, in the book they wrote about the brothers and the beginning of their City Market empire. The book,  “The History of City Market: The Brothers Four and the Colorado Back Slope Empire,” is on sale at City Market and several other venues.

Some fifty Prinster family members along with friends, former workers, supporters, and dignitaries attended the dedication as the Historic Sculptures Legends installation was unveiled at South Spruce and Main Street on October 17, 2013, near the old City Market warehouse, now housing Mesa County's Services building.

Artist James Haire, was on hand to witness this historic moment. 

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