Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fruita Truck 'n Treat huge success with perfect weather

Nearly a half-dozen years back in time, Fruita Parks and Rec Director, Ture Nycum used an idea from his last place of employment and started a Halloween event in Fruita named "Truck 'n Treat." This event began at a modest size which, if you'd attended Saturday October 23, you would have seen streets jammed with colorful costumed children and smiling (for the most part), parents. From afar, it was difficult to see the vehicles on display except for the wonderful cranes and such rising proudly above everything, from the mass of people wandering through.
The Off Road Club proudly displayed their jeeps and trucks. Brack Trucking Company wowed everyone with a spotless cattle truck and cab. The kids were really enjoying getting into the bed and running up and down. Brack's hub caps were the envy of many an adult, including myself. Discovery Kids and District 51 school busses were a hit for the wee ones who wanted to get on a bus with their older siblings who ride on these to school every day. Police cars, limos, public transit, dump trucks, and so many other great vehicles were there for kids to enter, climb on or just touch.
The packed crowd was able to gather treats from 9 to 1 PM, and everyone went home excited for the next venue.
Enjoy the photos I have posted. If you find yourself just click twice on that photo and print it out, my compliments. Happy Halloween!
"This is fun, dad."
"Wait mom, I think I see a friend back there."

"Man, is that crane 'way up there!"

"Dad put us up here on his truck."

Where is the child?

"We're on to see the Wizard, the wonderful wizard of ...what?"

"Those are some wheels and they come with candy. Great!"

'I just wonder what all these people are doing here."

"My big brother will take care of me."

"I'm a happy truck."

"Yeah, that's my sister under those purple feathers."

"We're the cutest kids you ever saw."

"You can see it was difficult to even get in here to win some treats."

"Well, this is for big kids too...."

"We wonder what is inside this bus."

"Would you like some of my KEKB candy?"

"You can see how clean we keep our trucks."

"Dad is wearing hand-made armor it took
the artist over 600 hours to make
from scratch."
And, 'way up high, the Stars and stripes waved to all...."

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