Sunday, October 20, 2013

Chatfield Elementary knows the value of the arts.

Thanks to the Staff at Chatfield and their Principal, Jackie Stafford, a grant application made its way to the Grand Junction Arts Commission. This proposal was then recognized and funds became available for two art camps held on two Saturdays at Chatfield.  
Students were treated to learning how to batik with Vera Mulder of Fruita, how to create great ceramic vessels and figures with Tim Wedel of Palisade. Theater and Drawing filled out the activities for the students.
A closing reception was attended by many parents who were treated to a wonderful showing of student art works from the first week and the new art creations of the second week, ready to be displayed proudly in the homes of each Chatfield Elementary artist participant.
Thank you staff, and GJ Arts Commission for making this wonderful opportunity available.

The first week ceramic artists were
most productive as you see here.

This electric skillet was the tool that enabled
students to safely create their waxed wonders.

Thanks to a parent volunteer, the first week's wonderful student batiks were displayed with pride.

These artists created their own versions of this ancient art.

Students filled out their survey sheets as
their thoughts about the art opportunities.

Adults provided special treats.

Who would ever guess that from these
newspapers emerged a beautiful art work!

Thanks to adult helpers, the wax was removed using a regular

Tim Wedel prepares the last
part of getting the clay
masks ready to hang after
firing in his kiln.

These artists are very engaged in
their creative pieces.

Anyone care for a rainbow ice-
cream cone?

With clay works like these, who knows what great
ceramic artist may emerge. 

Our drama teacher was just incredible.

The miracle of performance was enjoyed by all.

Parents and siblings enjoyed
watching the great
Halloween skit.

Mrs. Stafford thanked everyone for their participation.

The wall of drawings and watercolors
was so very interesting as it help
so many pieces of student work.

This artist/teacher, Mr. Mark, keeps drawing
daily in his sketch books.

Parents helped carry the precious works to their cars and home.
At the end of the day, truly, everyone was a success. Thanks to all!!!!

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