Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Rodeo number ten with more photos added Aug 8

The results are in, past ten this evening of August 7, 2013.
Bareback successful ride went to Dax Koskie with 68 points.
Saddle Bronc rider Kyle Likes rode to a 64 and second place Keenan Elliott rode to a 61 point score.
The bulls were mighty happy with the weather this evening with only a few successful rides.
First place went to Jason Blasdel for 83 points. Quinten Hayden was second with 77 points.
Junior Bulls saw first place ride  of 74 points go to Colton Fritzlan. Wyatt Bronson was second with a 69. Tonight's junior bull riding was happy to see a girl ride. sorry that I didn't catch her name. She did well.
Ryan Carty was the winner with 9.72 seconds in Calf Roping.
In Ribbon Roping,Jesse Cordova and britteny Moon placed first at 7.9 seconds. Lane Wood and Aurora Dible placed second with 14.96.
In Breakaway Mandy Rush was speedy Gonzales with 3.02 seconds and Sheanna Shipley, second with 2.15 seconds.
Barrel Racing was great as usual.
In 1 D, Caitlin Jones sped to a 16.77 with Loni Wolfe right on her saddle with 16.78.
2D saw  first place Mikah Mahaney ride round with 18.31 and Bradin Brehin rode round in 18.37 seconds.
3 D Laurie Platz finished in 19.21 seconds and Erka Catlin in 19.21.
Team Roping  #8 results were as follows; Roger Smith and Larry Wahling scored with 26.41 for first.
Brittany Gavagen and ed Duran finished second with 27.70 breaking the barrier cost everyone this evening it seems.
Team Roping #11 John McCullum and Jon Gaza had 16.41 and Jesse Baxer and Justin Skalla scored 22.92 seconds for place number two.
Everyone in the stands enjoyed the great temperature. I met a family from Indiana who were enjoying the time with their elderly dad at the rodeo. It is not unusual to meet people from other states as well as European countries who enjoy visiting the Western Slope.

And here are photos. Forgive any duplicates.

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