Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rodeo Number Eleven Results

No winners held on for Bareback competition, while Kyle Likes with a score of 60 stayed on to win the Saddle Bronc Event.
The bulls outdid their riders with no winners. The cooler weather that morning must have inspired them. In Junior Bulls only Colten Fritzlan rode successfully to a score of 75.
Ryan Canty won the Calf Roping Event in 9.93 seconds.
Ribbon Roping first place went to Jese Cordova and Brittany Moon, 6.82 seconds. 'Way to run, Ms. Moon. Tee Wofford and Laramie Noble were close behind with 10.86 seconds.
In Breakaway, Sheana Shipley had a 2.7 for first place and Catherine Marth was second with 6.08.
Barrel Racing 1D saw Ashlyn Hammer take first in 17.33 seconds and Sharae Dorscher, second in 17.61 seconds.
First place in 2D went to Sammi Bessert with 18.35 and second place, to Heather Blasdel with 18.37.
In 3D, Tandesha Gonzales placed first with 19.71 and Cheryl Harper took second with 19.81.
Team Roping #8 Roger Smith and Tuff Ramsey placed first with 22.61 while second place went to Jess Jackson and Paul Holiday with 23.30.
Team Roping #11 found Kyle Rush and Pake Younger win with 21.21.  Second place went to John McCullum and Jerry Brown with 22.52.

I am so sorry to have missed getting back to town in time to photograph the event because the rodeo is such fun to record. I'll be there for number 12 next week at Rimrock. See you there.

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