Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rodeo number nine, that it was, on July 30.

Apparently  this was a restless evening as it was the first time in the years I have attended to photograph the event and promote it, that trouble popped up in the "okay corral"...or where ever it happened as the flashing lights of three police cars parked aside the entrance indicated. I just picked up the results and went on home, not sure of what happened. I am sure the blotter will soon clear up the mystery.

For the real thing, Dux Koskie stayed on his bareback ride with a score of 69.
Noah Blackwell rode his saddle bronc with a score of 73 and second place was a tie,Keenan Elliot and Colt Allred with 67 each.

The senior bulls did their thing again with no one able to stay on their backs for the 8 seconds...anyway there were no scores for this on the score sheet.
Wyatt Bronson has a 73 for first place in the Junior Bull competition and a tie between Nate Hoey and Colten Fritzlan with scores of 67 for second place.

Numbers for calf roping have been small therefore only one person places. Bryce grant made it this week with 12.72.
Riley Beach and Laramie Noble places in Ribbon Roping.
In Break away, Mandy Rush was first with 3.93 and Montana Cox second with 6.56.

Barrels 1D were fast and furious with three 16 plus seconds in slack First place went to Trudy Petersen with 16.76 and send to Sha Rae Dorscher with 16.79.
Barrels 2 D gave first to Bradin Brehem, 17.79 and second to Jamie Cooper with 18.04.
Barrels 3 D posted tammy Arnold first with 18.79 and Hallie Taylor second with 18.89.

In team roping the header is listed first and heeler second.
Teams #8 first place went to Jess Jackson and Paul Holiday with a time of 21.24 while second went to Riley Beach and Rex beach with 24.14.
Teams # 11 watched as Sheana Shipley and Lane Wood placed first with 13.34.
Kyle Rush and Paxe Younger were second with 16.63.

Here are half of the photos I marked to post. Will add more in a few days.

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