Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rodeo Number Eight.

The bareback and broncs won this evening. No successful rides happened.
Bryant Osborn started the bull riding off with a 77 for first place. Robert Graele (Graere) was second with 72.
Junior bulls saw Nate Hoey take first place, also with a 77 and Wyatt Bronson second with 74.
Ryan Canry was the only successful roper in the calf roping contest with 10.57 seconds.
In Ribbon roping the team of Lane Wood and Aurora Dole was the first place winner in 15.20 seconds.
Mandy Rush roped her steer in 3.77 for first place. Sheana Shipley was second with 3.95 in the ribbon roping contest.
For Barrels 1D, Amanda Barlow was first with a 17.87 and Ashton Hammer, second , with 18.15.
Barrels 2 D, Hallie Taylor first with 18.97 and Brittney Gavagen second with 19.07.
Barrels 3 D, Bradin Brehm first with 20.13; second Shelby Miller, 20.21.
Team Roping #8 first place was taken by Kyle rush and Justin Skalla, 20.99 and second place taken by Kyle Rush and Glen Younger.
Team Roping # 11, Cole Cooper and Justin Skalla took first with 13.24. Second place went
to Kalby Bond and Ryan Canty with 17.17.

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