Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fruita Free Thursday Night Concerts.

Lately, the last several concerts have been held under some raindrops. Now, if they help bring the much needed moisture, hopefully an audience will come out in support. Might feel great to get that wet cool down, but there is always the umbrella.
I've kept photos of the last few concerts to post here.
Last week the Williams Brothers played to a small crowd, their blues, funk and rock. With a few raindrops, the crowd appreciated their talents. Hope to see them somewhere again, soon.
The Fourth of July's program with the Centennial Band was packed since the City chose to supply free hamburgers, hot dogs and beverages. It was estimated that 1200 people came out and the serving line was still going after the musicians finished.  The Crown Point Band had the wettest venue with a few scattered brave viewers sticking it out. In fact, with all the electrical equipment, only the band leader performed. And, I have to say, this guy is good, VERY GOOD. I hope that this band is back next summer for Fruita. What a great voice and talented musician!
The week before Crown Point, the alternative group called Jack and Jill entertained a big crowd. The violinist or should I say, fiddler, showed incredible versatility and talent.
So far Fruita's free concerts all have been so very worthwhile to see and listen to. This week Scott Helmes, American, pop and rock will preform. I'd like to see a big crowd and a light rain.
The Williams Brothers

All in a row.


Enjoying the music


Umbrellas work well.

The rain won this round.

Crown Point's number one

Crown Point's fans are strong.

The rain won.

Jack and Jill

A great venue to eat your supper and
enjoy music at the same time

The Centennial Band and Fruita's free food.

Estimated 1200 in attendance, July 4.

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