Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rodeo Number Two, Rimrock

With the rider about to lose his seat, the two rodeo clowns get ready to protect him.
The evening was a dusty one with the warm wind doing its thing and the arena responding to the action as the dampened ground dried quickly after being wet down earlier.
The big deal of the night was, would the bulls win again or not? With bulls like Exit Wound and Sling Shot at their best, no rider stayed aboard until, yes the very last rider, Justin Harris, who stayed on his bull for the full time and placed 71 points. Congratulations, the take home money was doubled since no one stayed on the back of their bull last week for the opening event.
Hunter Brasfield took first in the bareback bronc with a 72. The Saddle Bronc champ was Brian Charles with a 67
Junior Bulls had a single winer also Nate Hoey with 72.
Mario Balezatena roped his calf in 10:13 and Ryan Canty took second with 11:16.
Only one pair managed to rope, then get the ribbon tied to the tail back to the barrier. This pair was Kent Edwards and Aurora Dible in 16:70.
Sheanna Shipley placed first in Breakaway with 3:33 and second place Shalae Dorscher  was close with 4:23.
In Barrel Racing 1D first place went to Deanna Linn with 17:62, second to Shalae Dorscher with 17.98.
2D: First place Hallie Taylor made 18:62 and Sheanna Shipley was right behind with 18.80.
3D: Bradin Brehm placed first with 19.62. Ta Shala Storbeck was second with 19.66.
The team Roping #8 category; first to Reo Weisgerber and Blake Denton, 17.26.
Second place went to Tyler Smith and Larry Wehling with 20:16.
Category #11 Team Roping saw Lyn Campbell and Tyler Smith
 place first with 13:27 while Mark Bonella and Matt Rice were second with 16:40.

"Let's untie this little critter."

Tied and in great time.

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