Tuesday, June 4, 2013

First Fruita Rimrock Rodeo of the 2013 Season

And what an opening it was, as the wind tried to compete with dust and strength, but the rodeo prevailed. The big crowd was a welcome sight as well.
Here are the results. For anyone who hasn't attended a Fruita Rodeo, read on.
There was no bareback bronc riding score and only one Saddle Bronc rider made it, Eli Hindi with a 69
The bulls were in fine shape and gave every rider a dusty bump. Junior bulls didn't do as well as Colton Fritzlan took first with a 72 and Wyatt Bronson took 70 for second.
Ryan Canaty roped his calf for first place with a time of 9.23  while Josh Frost placed second with a 16.99
With a 9.70 Cody NcClusky and Taylor Miniat placed number one in ribbon roping while
Dusty Raine and Katy Chapman were second with 15.17.
Hallie Taylor was lightening fast as she placed first in Breakaway and Sheanna Shipley placed second with 3.94.
Starting the season on a great note, Loni Wolfe place first in 1D Barrels with a time of 17.21. Deanna Miller was very close with 17.32.
Barrels 2D: first, Lallie Taylor, 18.27 and Trudy Petersen 18.39.
Barrels 3D; first Abbey Bedow, 19.60 and Ronda Fowler, second, 19.62
Roping teams #8, First: Roger Smith and Lane Wood 19.69.
Second: Branden Edwards and Drew Fowler, 20.61.
Roping teams #11: First, Red Weisenberger and Jon Gozg, 14.10.
Second, John McCulkim and Dean Raine, 16.75.

Hurry out, Mr. Steer.

"It's you or me," said the bull. "It's gonna be you off my back."
"This rope had better do its job."

There she goes.

"Howdy, all my fans!"

"This is such fun. I wanna
do it again."

"Man, oh man, I see the ground  a comin'"

The side saddle poise.

"Let' em out."

"Hi, to all my fans."

"Go, sheep, go!"
The beginning of a good ride.
Joe Carr strikes again...
 For anyone who has not attended this rodeo before, slack barrel racing begins at 4:30. Slack simply means all entrants have pooled their names. Ten get chosen by random for the evening performance and the rest race before the show starts. All are eligible for top prize money.
Slack roping team competition follows the barrel racing, but this time only the top 10 race and rope again in the evening entertainment. Roping team # 8 and teams #11 vie for best times and the top few then rope again in the evening.
At seven o'clock, the fun begins with mutton busting, an event in which the youngsters equipped in a vest and helmet, ride the sheep. This is followed by the opening ceremony featuring the athletics riding into and around the royalty, then exiting. The National Anthem and prayer come next.
Then the fun begins with riders trying to stay on the bulls for 8 seconds. Next comes the calf roping in which the athlete ropes his calf asap, ties its legs, going for the fastest time.
Women athletes vie for places in breakaway, where the gal ropes her steer, then lets the rope go.
Team tag roping comes next with the horse rider roping and stopping the calf, and the runner having to get the range ribbon off the calf's tail and sprint back to the time barrier the fastest.
The Junior bull competition then starts up, followed bySaddle bronc, bareback riding and the final barrel racing. The evening's events conclude with the last round of bull riding. Throughout the events, Joe, the rodeo clown, entertains with his chatter and tricks.
And that is it, pretty much. Come see for yourself. The rodeo is a great family venue. See you there.

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