Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rimrock rodeo number 3, 2013

The third rodeo of the season proved to be a good one for the animals with less heat and dust in the air. A big crowd enjoyed the temperature as well as the athletes and their skills.
Results from the rodeo this evening are as follows:
Bareback, Hunter Blasfield 75.
Saddle bronc, Keenan Elliot 60.
Bulls were right on, but three did get ridden. Bryant Osborn rode for an 86. Quinten Hayden rode his mont for 69 which evidently scared that bull so badly that he jumped a fence, but was captured rather quickly with no incidents. Third place time was ridden in the last event of the night. I don't have the rider's name but the score was a 60. Because of the cooler temp, the last bulls were really fist.
Colton Fritzland rode Junior bulls with a 72 for first, and Nate Hoey took second with 64.
Bryce Grant placed first with a 15.01 in calf roping and Casey Baines was second with 16.95.
Ribbon Roping first place went to Denton Norell and Emmy Rushing with 21.91. Tee Wofford and Laramie Noble had a time of 23.51 for second.
In Breakaway Sheanne Shipley had 3.56 for first and Shelby Miller second, with 4.57.
Barrel Racing saw ShaRae Dorscher place frist in 1D with Cody Davis racing with a 17.42 for second.
2D Barrels  saw Kendra Howe race to first with 18.79 and Bradin Brehan earn second with 18.86.
3D Barrels had Shea Forgarty place first with 19.43 and Sara bowers take second with 19.45.
In team #8 team roping first place was won with a time of 19.33 by Kin Rogers and Heath Harper. Second place went to Kyle Rush and glen Younger with 19.41.
Team #11 roping first went to riley beach and Hank bounds with a 15.28. Second place went to Mark Bonella and Matt Rice with 17.43.

Here are acouple of the photos, with more to come in the next few days so please check back.
"Hold on there one minute!"

Bottoms up!

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