Saturday, April 13, 2013


Knowing you are interested in the arts, please pass this information on to anyone or any group you know that might be interested in giving kids this opportunity.

Fruita Art Camp  16th annual summer camp

Week One:  June 3 – 7, 2013        9 AM-12 PM         Learn about famous Impressionists.  Who knows you could land on a water lily or have your face covered in polka dots or climb the Eiffel Tower in full color.  Clay and found object sculptures could be dynamite.
Week Two: June 10 – 14, 2013                     Get real with Surrealism.  Let’s dilly with Dali and play where’s Waldo with Magritte.  Make the impossible possible with drawing, collage, prints, paint and mixed media and of course clay.
Week Three: June 17 – 21, 2013                                   Pop Art, will you find something to eat or drink or find yourself in a poster  or might you be “Lichtensteined.”  Or we could go primitive and stretch your imagination.
Week Four: June 24 – 28, 2013.                  Let’s get “Spatial” and find new ways to make Perspective fun.  Get out in space with 3-D and Commander Mark with your brush and pencil.
 Ages 6-12. Cost is $60 per week.  Space is limited to a maximum of 45 students for three certified art teachers.    Come enjoy a fun filled week filled with art; drawing, painting, working with clay, and more.  Bring sack lunch, hats, comfortable shoes and your imagination.  New location 208 N. Maple (First Christian Church)  Limited to 45 campers so register early!
Our mission statement/philosophy = Provide a low cost art camp for local youth so they can be creative and be introduced to the vocabulary, materials and techniques used in visual arts.  With only art heritage elementary art program available in our school district we felt the need to supplement and support the arts in the summer for those younger students.  This gives them a foundation on things like color theory, basic perspective drawing skills, three dimensional sculpture, printmaking and more. Using their right brains at this young age helps them become better learners at all levels.
This will be our 16th year of offering this camp. Due to no sprinkler system in the Civic Center, our location has been up in the air. The Church generously has given us the new location. We thought the City was registering campers for the camp, but there seems to be a mix up. Their phone is 858 0360 ex 1 or my phone 314 1245, email Please contact me with any questions and please pass this information to as many persons as you know that might be interested.
Lauri Baker and Naomi Barlow and  I, will be teaching the camps. We have guest artists coming as well. We really need your help getting the word out with all the mix ups for registration and so on.
This will be the 16th year the camp has been offered. We figure we have seen over 3000 campers during that span of summers. All of those campers have had positive experiences. We want this summer to be the same.

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