Sunday, April 21, 2013

Marble Tournament made Earthday celebration at Lincoln Park even better.

Katie O'Banion, age 17,was a judge at one of the marble pads as boys and girls competed for trophies at the marble event this past Saturday at Lincoln Park in Grand Junction. O'Banion, now too old for competition, received the National Best Sport Award. She had competed for eight years.
Anna Lee was undefeated as she took first in the girls' section. John Blair, shooting for this, his last year of eligibility, took first in the boys' competition. These two are now best in the state.  Nationals will be held in this summer in New Jersey. There are other competitions scheduled.
The City of Grand Junction is moving the three marble pads to the north side of the fence around the water-slide at the park. A stage is being built by the City where the present pad is located.

Place the marble shooter this way.
Cradle it as you begin to bing your thumb into position.
Now you  are ready to shoot. Your thumb is your trigger.

Having taken 2nd place in nationals, Katie Carozza
took careful aim

Boys' trophies await winners.
Chloe Schrader shoots her marble, aiming well
 to take out a blue one.

Girls' trophies are ready.

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