Wednesday, April 3, 2013

NEWS Art Camp change of location, Fourth Friday, April Children's Month, Art Show, Public Art

Here's some news for you all. Vera Mulder's new art show is now up and ready for viewing at Barnes and Noble of Grand Junction.  For those who go see and email her your comments, she does have art cards to hand out.  The show's title might give you a hint of what is hanging. "What was she thinking/"

April 26 is Fourth Friday in Fruita. Fruita Fourth Friday will be April 26. The suggestion was made to have everyone who dresses up as for prom or such, to get a discount on perhaps, food or beverages. The fat Tire Festival is also that weekend so there will be al kinds of excitement in Fruita. Amy Gibbs is showing at Cornerstone. Brondon, from Frame Works will be showing at Pablo's Pizza. Jan, from Frameworks will be showing at the Copper Kettle.

Public art is becoming a possibility in Fruita with a group collaboration on a found object - type sculpture to be created. The interactive piece on the corner of Aspen Street just across from Circle Park will be moving. It has been accused of noise.  Come to Fruita, where the fun and voices are found.

The ZOO Quest Organization has signed a MOU with the City of Fruita. This means they are very serious about getting that facility headed for reality. Any donations for this most worthwhile enterprise will be most appreciated. Contact the web site where you will see a contact for donating.
This project will result in a wonderful educational and fun place for the Valley to visit. The City of Fruita is happy to see this endeavor continue to grow.

The Month of April is Autism Month as well as Save the Children Month. Remember, our children are our most precious National Treasure.

AND ....don't forget Art camp...NEW LOCATION....NEW THEMES....NEW   314 1245...all messages will be answered as soon as received.

WEEK ONE:  Impressionism
Artists featured will be Mary Cassatt, Claude Monet, Matisse, Georges Seurat, Vincent Van Gogh.
Materials featured will be pastel and colored chalk, tempera paint, clay tiles, colored paper, markers/colored pencils, pencils, glue and scissors, oil pastels, q-tips, brushes and watercolor paints.
Techniques and processes to be explored will be color blending with paint, pastels and pencils, cut and paste, slab building and construction with clay, layering of materials in all materials, creating textures with various materials, creating shapes by cutting, drawing or painting, and drawing using contour lines.
WEEK TWO: Surrealism
Artists featured will be Salvador Dali, Magritte, Pablo Picasso.
Materials featured will be magazines, paper and colored paper, scissors, glue, clay, tempera paint, markers/colored pencils, pencils.
Techniques and processes to be explored will be color blending and mixing with paint, colored pencils, drawing techniques in pencil and marker, collage, creating value with pencil and paint, pinch technique with clay.
Artists featured will be Andy Warhol, Lichtenstein, Rousseau, and Theibaud.
Materials featured will be printmaking linoleum, brayers, ink, paper, pencil, tempera paint, scissors, glue, colored pencil/markers, newspaper, and stencils.
Techniques and processes to be explored will be block printing, grid drawing to enlarge, stencil to create texture, mixed media , drawing from nature and observation, pinch, coil and slab technique in clay.
WEEK FOUR:  Perspective, Shape, Space
Artists featured will be M. C. Escher, Mark Kissler, and Alexander Calder.
Materials featured will be clay, paper, pencil, glue, scissors, string, colored paper (tissue, construction, and origami) printmaking fish, ink and brayers.
Techniques and processes to be explored will be slab construction in clay, mobile construction with paper, tessellations, perspective drawing techniques, three dimensional paper sculptures (making forms not origami), creating patterns, printmaking with 3-D objects or relief style.

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