Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fruita's Fall Festival 2012 celebration.

 Finally!, Yes, I know, it has been some time getting these ready. Please browse through and hopefully enjoy these. With teaching,  little prep time and a very busy weekend, this has taken time. Here goes.
First group of photos gives you an idea of the fun everyone experiences at the bed races.
With the centenniaFestivall of the Fruita Stampede approaching in two years, this blogger is collecting photos anyone will loan... dating back to the early days as well as after WWII and following. Please leave them at the Fruita Thrift Shop, open Wednesday through Saturdays after 9 am. Please leave them in an envelope with your name, phone and return address so that I may return them to you within the week. Thank you, anyone who can help with this project.

I missed barrel slack. With the shorter day time light, lighting was very poor even at 7 pm for mutton busting. Earlier roping slack was captured. Results from the rodeo were posted on an earlier blog.
Just type in Rodeo, or final rodeo 2012 at top left hand side of this blog.

Mutton bustin' is always
a treat.

Ms. Shipey has won numerous
awards in roping and rodeo

Ruth Farley, Grand Marshall

Alpine Bank staff 

Those sirens and horns were too loud for these tender ears.

Support the Grand Valley Zoological Chapter
as they pursue their goal of founding an educational
zoological learning center.

The carnival rides always bring a rush.

Don Wynkoop's grandchildren, daughter and son-in-law
made for a great portrait.

The mutton busters and rodeo fans advertised the evening's rodeo.

The Sucday talent show was a hit as well as the rather small pet show.

Mac of KEKB was the master of ceremonies for the
talent show.

The winners are posted on another earlier blog. Check it out.

Part of the Zoological display, this big turtle will get bigger
and live for at least 100 years.

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