Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Letter to the Editor by Bill Hugenberg. Think about it

October 3, 2012
Grand Junction Daily Sentinel
P.O. Box 668
Grand Junction, CO 81502
Dear Editors:
While the headline of Dick Todd’s letter (“Obama’s first term hints at what to expect in second one”) has it right, Todd’s factual premises are false -- so he reaches predictably preposterous conclusions.
President Ronald Reagan started this country “down a road to become a Third World power” by disguising massive deficit spending as “Voodoo Economics” and doubling the national debt while preaching “fiscal conservatism”.
President George H. W. Bush proved the wisdom of involving the United Nations in our foreign policy by orchestrating a broad coalition to oust Saddam Hussein from Iraq.
President Bill Clinton proved that higher taxes and fiscal responsibility could generate a budgetary surplus and 20+ million jobs – thereby rebuilding the Middle Class.
President George Bush squandered the surplus and moved toward a “Third World” class structure by cutting taxes for the wealthy and precipitating an unfunded “cowboy” War in Iraq that further ballooned the national debt.
President Obama “is trying to repeat history by attracting the young” and well-informed to reinstate the sound economic policies and consultative diplomacy which proved indisputably successful in the past.
Thus, President Obama’s “first term in office should give us a” clear view “of what is coming if he is reelected”. The “shameful” unemployment precipitated by the Bush recession will continue to improve, the national debt that “skyrocketed” as the direct result of Reagan/Bush economic and foreign policies will be responsibly addressed, and his unrelenting war against terrorists will continue unabated.
Only purported “christians” – not President Obama -- are “attacking Christians” (namely, President Obama) “and most other religious faiths” (including Mormonism and Islam).
As objective fact-checker conclude, Romney-Ryan have neither a credible “record to stand on” or a serious “plan”, so their “campaign ads are negative misinformation” and – like Todd’s letter – replete with provable falsehoods aimed at the gullible.
Bill Hugenberg

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