Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rimrock Rodeo number ten suffers power outage

Rimrock Rodeo number ten proved to be an unusual event. With a power outage that affected Glade Park and parts of Fruita, the rodeo lost a few events. Luckily slack and other competitions had just finished. Some events that would need the lights when the power went out were canceled.
Usually the points scored are listed but this evening with few lights, they were omitted.
The results for the events that did take place are as follows:
I apologize for names misspelled since I could not read the writing very well.
The only rider to be successful on a bronc was Doug Schanlan on a Saddle Bronc. The bulls won. Mate Hoey was successful on junior bulls.
Calf roping gave Jim Bob Gummersol take first and Ryan Canty second.
Brittany Gavayen was first and Catlin Jones second in breakaway.
The only barrel racing took place during slack.
1D  Katy Norell first with a 17 something. Emma R. was second
2D Tia Brannan took first, Trinity Mathis second.
3D Laurie Platz first and Bradin Brehm second.
In team roping,  Rio Weisgerber and T Woffard placed first with 14.47
Drew Fowler and Paul Holiday were second with 20.08.
#11, Kyle Rush and Jon Goza were first.
Riley Beach and Hank Bounds were second.

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