Saturday, August 11, 2012

John Otto comes to Fruita to be near his Colorado National Monument

Fruita Dinosaur Journey was the site for the unveiling of the John Otto bronze, a small copy of the John Otto Sculpture standing on the corner of 2nd and Main in Grand Junction. 
While hoping for a copy of that larger than life edition of J. Michael Wilson's work, and having had the city of Fruita pledge $27,000 to acquiring a slightly different version, Otto on horse, without his dog and in a different patina, those who feel this work truly helps tell some of the history of Fruita, will have to wait.  Thanks to the change of the face of the City Council in the last election, this reality seems to have created an uncertainty. 
Let's hope those who support this idea will come up with some alternat plan soo.
The John Otto Sculpture can be viewed in the lobby of Dinosaur Journey.

Bennett Boeschenstein, Fruita Historical Society and GJ City
Councilman and Mike Perry, Director Western Colorado Museums,
unveil the bronze of John Otto, a part of the history of Fruita.

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