Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rimrock Rodeo number 11

With a nice temperature, the sun toned down by clouds, Rimrock Rodeo number eleven turned out to be a great event.
Rodeo royalty promoted attention for the fight against breast cancer by selling pink ribbons and honoring survivors with a ceremony in which they released pink balloons.
The Colorado Cowbelles entertained the crowd with their riding performance.
And, the athletes did their best to score points in the many rodeo events.
Results are as follows:
Bareback Broncs: Jimmy Blair the one and only successful rider with 60 points.
Bulls: Quinten Hayden 75 points, Jess Jackson 72 points.
Jr. Bulls: Nate Hoey 64 points.
Calf Roping: Ryan Cunty 11.20 and Pake Younger, 12.83
Ribbon Roping: Jim Bob Gumersal and Auroroa Dible  14.03
                          Jesse Cordova and Brittney Moon 14.30
Breakaway: Katie Littral 5.35
Barrels:  1D  Bailey Macnamar 17.70 Kendall Faqcett 17.76
               2D Loran Dallman 18.77, Megan McKey 19.03
               3D Terry Mohanay 19.77, Shauna Bornschein 19.95
Team Roping: #8 Devin Kohls and Jeff Jones  23.23
                             Red Harper and Heath Harper 31.96
                        #11 Riley Beach and Hank Bounds 14.82
                               Dale Brandon and Jim Bob Gumersal 15.39

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