Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rodeo Number 12

The results from Rimrock Rodeo number 12 for the 2012 season are as follows:

The bareback broncs won. Jacob Soper was the sole successful saddle bronc rider.
Bull riding went near the final wire before Jess Jackson took first with a 72 and Cody Flores, second with a 67.
Junior bulls saw only one successful rider, Nate Hoey with a ride of 66.
Calf Roping saw Ryan Canty first in 11. 46 seconds and second, Jesse Cordova with a 12.33.

In Ribbon Roping, Jesse Cordova and Brittany Moon have perfected this contest taking first again with a 7.74
Jake Engleman and Sabrina Walker were second with a 28.02 time.

Mandy Rush was the lone winner in Breakaway.
Those crazy women who race around barrels saw the following results.
1D, 1st Brittany Moon,. 17.86 amd 2md. Catlin Jones. 18.04
2D. 1st. Emma Rushing 18.95. 2nd, Brittany Gallegos
3D, 1st, Katie Jones, 20.01 and 2nd Shaunee Broughten, 20.43

Team Roping #8, 1st Riley Beach and Lane Wood.
                             2nd Drew Fowler and Duke Kohls
Team Roping #11. 1st Riley beach and Hank bounds
                               2nd Cole Cooper and Chris Wehling.

Ready to race those barrels

and away she goes.

This is a serious endeavor.

Go, horse! Go!

And the race is on to the end.

Hanging in there.

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