Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rimrock Rodeo number 9, 2012

Rodeo number 9 for the summer of 2012 turned out some extremes in weather with a dust bowl blowing in to end the celebration., while slack time was hot and humid.
Results for the rodeo are as follows:
Bareback horses won, and only one rider scored any points (61) to take the one and only place and all of the purse.
Brady Merye scored 82 for first on bulls and Quinton Hayden scored 80.
Junior Bulls saw no rider successful.
Jesse Cordova and Britteny Moon seem to have the handle on always winning ribbon roping. They took the only score to win in 10.02 seconds.
Calf Roping watched Jim Bob Gummersol take first in 12.97 seconds and Ryan Canty tie his calf securely in 13.26 seconds.
Mandy Rush was the only successful roper in Break Away at 3.73 seconds.
Barrels 1D, winner was Mecca Hockey 17.58 and Caitlin Jones 18.24 took second.
2D S. Doscler first with 18.65 and Katy Chapman second 18.65.
3D First was L. Dallman, 19.98 and Tracey Jackson, second, 20.14.
In team roping header is always listed first followed by heeler.
#8 first: Travis Woffer and Riley Beach  18.72
second:  Red Harper and Larry Wahling 20.52
#11 First: Jesse Petek and Jim Bob Gummesol, 14.65
Second: Kyle Rush and Jim Bob Gummesol 14.97.

See you at the next rodeo, number 10.

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