Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ice Age Display at Dino Journey in Fruita.

This wonderful poster welcomes you to Fruita Dinosaur Journey.
 This incredible leader of Grand Junction's  museum system is an advocate for kids and for visitors  who come to these museums. Mr. Perry made it possible for Fruita Art Camp kids to come, see, draw and observe the great ICE AGE DISPLAY currently at Fruita's Dino Journeys. The campers are most grateful to him and his staff. They were very busy drawing things they saw in the sketch books they made at art camp. Thank you is ecohed by all.
 Come visit this wonderful place....Here are just a few displays you will see.
Somebody left his prints.

An eye will be on you.

That's some big bone.

Shadows of critters are so artful.

The world's smallest dinosaur has the name Fruita in its's caption.

Part of the Ice age display.

A wooly mammoth watches all.

Now, what was my name?

I'm just alittle slouthful.

Better watch out for my saber teeth.

A good side view of Mr. Mammoth.

A set of tusks and half.

Here's looking at you. What a minute,
where are my clothes?

All ages love Dino Journeys.

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