Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday night Fruita Concert a hit

Some nine years ago Paul Harshman and John Anglin became the foundation for Flat Top Reed, a very talented musical group devoting much time to the Delta blues, country and rock and roll in their intrepretation.
Fruita community was treated to the group which tonight numbered six. Huey Plum joined them with his fingers flying on his key board. The groups harmonics, lead guitar, bass guitar, drummer centered around Harshman who is a living history of the blues music from the Delta.
Having many guest artists through the years, the group adapts its songs to many versions. As heard tonight, Huey Plummer ('way back when he was with Huey, Dewey and Louie) played his magic keyboard. The audience was treated to a great concert, I would say equal to or even better than the State Park concert which was also going on this evening.

Keep the beat a'coming on and on...

John Anglin and his
One great group, making some great music.

Kids always enjoy concerts. This
little gal has the rhythm.

and you shuld see them dance!

Such energy

Guest Huey

Paul Harshman and drummer

Lead guitarist

Family fun, these concerts

Guest artist, beautiful melodies

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