Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rodeo 5, July 3. Results are here with photos

Howdy Everybody....
I'll give you control!

Here we go.....

Something's not right...

Was it lean to the left or to the right?

He said , "Go."

Let's hope for a soft landing.

But I am holding on...

come on now, getta up and go...

My mom told me there'd be days like this...

No time for discussion now...

Let 'er rip...

I think it was worth it...

On a cloudy evening, the animals and people were treated to a rather  agreeable temperature without blazing sun as a good crowd gathered to watch the fun.
Rimrock Rodeo is Fruita's hometown landmark every Tuesday night, now till September.
The results from the animals vs humans were as follows:
Bareback and Saddle Broncs won, riders lost.
Tony Rossi earned 78 points riding his bull for first place. Quinten Hayden earned 75.
Only one rider was successful in junior bull riding, this being Nate Hoey with a 63.
First place in calf roping went to Jesse Cordova with a time of 11.82 seconds and second place was won by Bryce Grant with 17.71 seconds.
Ribbon roping  had one winning pair, Drew Fowler and Taylor Vanzly with a time of 11.95 seconds.
Sheanna Shipley was very fast in breakaaway, taking first in 4.66 seconds. Katie Literal was right behind with 5.19 seconds for second place.
Barrel racers are hitting some great times.
Mykah Mahoney raced 'round in 16.99 seconds for first while Bailey Macnamara took second with a time of 17.60 seconds. This being in 1D category
2D found Emma Rushing first at 17.99, Bradin Baker, second with 18.19
3D saw Trinituy Mathis take first with her time of 19.09. Two racers tied for second place, Anna Joilly and Crystal Williams with 19.20 seconds.
In team roping pairs, the header is listed first , followed by the heeler.
Oh Man!
Team Roping #8:
first, Sheanna Shipley and Lane Wood, 19.42
second, Ty Gaylord and Brad Tiltem, 25.15
Team Roping # 11:
first, John McCullum and JimBob Gaversal, 16.09
second, Wacey Clark and Kent Edwards, 16.61

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