Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rodeo 4, 2012

This will be the night to remember that it rained enough to manke dot patterns in the dust...and the rodeo went on with  crowed stands.
Results from the rodeo are as follows.
1. Bareback horses win, riders lost.
2. Saddle broncs, Doug Schonday first with 73, and Noah Blackwell, second with 68
3. Bulls, robert gacie 71, and tomas Cose 70
4. Junior Bulls won, riders lost.
5. Calf Roping, one winner Jesse Cordova 14.16
6. Ribbon roping, Jesse Cordova and Britteny Moon the top with 9.57
7. Breakaway, Mandy Rush 4.11 and second brittany Gavasen 5.04
8. Barrels, 1D, Mykah Mahoney 17.90 and Sophia Crews, 17.96
    2D Crystal Williams 18.98 and Emma Rushing tied with Chelsea Hotchkiss at 19.06
    3D Brittany Gavagen 20.03 and Anna Jelly, 20.08
9. Team Roping, Tony Mendes and ty Wallace  16.76 first
                            Riley Beach and Jesse etek  18.74, second
   #11 first, Kyle Rush and Pake younger  16.85
          second, Tommy Goza and Michael Baleztena, 17.26
Enjoy the photos.

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