Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rodeo nght at Rimrock August 16 provided excietment.

With the bulls seeming to win lately, three riders made the 8 second time. Firat lace went to Mario Balestino with a 82 point ride. Quiten Hayden took second with his ride earning 76 points.
The Junior Bulls were raring to go and that is why perhaps, only one rider was successful and that was Kyle McCorty.
The bareback broncs won again while saddle broncs had one rider make it, this being Doug S. (Correct spelling now available.)
Mario Baleztenz and Bryce Grant took first and second in Calf Roping while the only winners in ribbon roping were Mario Baleztena and Morgan Crause.
One winner took it all in Breakaway.
The barrel riders were looking good on some really fast horses.
Crystal Williams rode for a 17.4  in slack, while Linsay Smith rode to a 17.8 during the evening run in 1D barrels.
Two D barrel saw Shadee Pint take first and Braden Brehm place second.
In 3 D Barrel competition Tanisha Fortenbery was number one, and Justyne H. was second.
Team roping always is a popular event. In #8 Division, Devon Kohls and Brandon Edwards were first place with the fastest time. Kyle Rush and Jesse Petek were second.
In #11, Brandan Edwards and Ken Norell placed first and John McCullum and M. Baleztena took second.

A few more photos will be added to this post Thursday or Friday.

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