Friday, August 12, 2011

Oaks holds staff appreciation party

With homemade ice cream, great cake and cookies and refreshments,
Michelle, director of the Oaks, gave a party for her staff to thank them for going over and beyond in doing their jobs keeping all the residents of the Oaks in Fruita, happy and safe.
Besides helping residents with medications, dressing, getting around, getting meals and more,  every 30 minutes, an area of the Oaks had to be observed and conditions recorded as to safety, any possible fire hazards, any other conditions. After each observation, a record had to be filled. This extra work took place over the past two months until the necessary building security system was in place and working correctly.
"With this extra work, they hated it but they diligently did the required check ups because they care about the Oaks and  its safety, Michelle, the director said. "My staff is so great. I just wanted to do something special to thank all of them."
And so, with the special treats came a special fire dance show which everyone really enjoyed.

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