Thursday, August 11, 2011

August 9th, 2011, Rodeo

Jimmy Blair was the only successful bareback rider at Rimrock Rodeo on August 9, last Thursday.
 Noah Blackwell took first on the Saddle Broncs with Tucker Feldman riding well enough for second place.
As for the bull riders, well, the bulls won again. Next week's prize will double.
Ethan Cook rode for a 72 and firs place. Wyatt Bronson placed second. These junior bull riders are really working hard and it shows.
Carson Pearson roped his calf the quickest for place number one. Ryan Canty roped for second place.
In Ribbon roping the team of roper Jesse Cordova and runner Brittany Moon made a three plus second time for first while Pake Younger and Amber Greenhaigh took second.
In Breakaway Jessica Blasdel was the only successful roper taking first.
In Barrel racing,  1 D, Crystal Williams scored 17.7 with Kaitlin Jones took second.
Barrels 2 D saw first place go to Elle Simon and second to Chasea Hashkiss.
Barrels 3 D, Ronda Fowler placed number one and tanisha Fortenberry, nymber two.
In team roping the header is listed first,  heeler follows.
#8 First place, Devin Kohls and Duke Kohls
Second place, Red Harper and Paul Holidayl
#11 First place Wacey clark and Kent edwards
Second place, John McCulleum and Dean Raines.

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