Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pathways to Fishing, the Great Rod and Reel Giveaway

Four years old now, Heritage Day will be taking place at Palisade River Park. Here Colorado's Division of Wild Life, various Sportsman groups, municipalities and others have displays of programs available for people to enjoy the great outdoors.  Booths are filled with gifts for the kids and with information for families. The event has turned into a big success.
It was ten years ago when Lynn Nesley and the Great Outdoors Organization started promoting outdoor activities using volunteers to produce and give fishing poles to young, prospective fishermen.
April 20 marked the day Mr. Johnson's science  class gathered the 1200 rod and reels they had made along with Mr. Husdon's Ag classes, and readied them for shipping to Palisade River Park for the Heritage Day celebration to be held April 30 at Palisade Riverbend Park, Palisade, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Juniors Jolee Eastman and Alex Padgett agreed that the project had been lots of fun for the past three weeks as classes worked together putting this year's turquoise rod and reels together.
According to Johnson, usually Future Farmers of America and the Mesa Conty 4-H groups put the bait on hooks for the youngsters as well as help take the fish they catch off their hooks. Last year these groups gave away birdhouses which were a big hit with the youngsters.
Central High School's Lanton Kame and his class, gathered the materials together for the tackle boxes which will also be given away April 30.
One huge result hoped for would be that School District 51 add Environmental Science Classes to the curriculum. Science could then be even more usable in the light of Geo Caching, aquatic science and all that goes with mountain biking in studying the plant life of the area. According to Johnson this is a goal for the science curriculum.
Don't miss this event which begins at 9 a.m. and lasts till 4 p.m.

Mr. Johnson's science classes gathered 'round 1200
fishing rods his classes and Mr. Hudson's ag classes
have been making to promote outdoor activities
for "Pathways to Fishing."

Jolee Eastman, junior, noted that "the project
was fun because everyone in the classes
worked together and outdoors as well."
Another classmate noted that the
project was fun because it wasn't the
usual type of classwork."

alex Padgett, a junior, thought
it was great to encourage more
people to enjoy the outdoors.

The Great Outdoors is stamped on each rod and reel.
Last year's batch was orange in color. The fish should
love this years's color scheme.

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