Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Grand Valley is Due for a Zoo

For photos of the event type in 4/10/11, the date I posted those photos of the following event. The following is an excerpt from the group's first ever newsletter.

EdZOOcation Day at Dinosaur Journey GVZQ and Dinosaur Journey’s Successful Partnership
Cerise Moran and Janet Gardner
Secretary; Executive Director and Founder
In our first major family science event, we were fortunate enough to receive the support of Fruita, Colorado’s Dinosaur Journey. Museum Executive Director Mike Perry and Museum Curator John Foster were more than accommodating to us during our promotion. Below is a quick synopsis of the day and its outcomes.
EdZOOcation Day Statistics
Our first annual EdZOOcation Day at Dinosaur Journey far exceeded our expectations!
736 participants enjoyed our science related activities which as more than three times the average Saturday attendance for Dinosaur Journey!
Guests enjoyed activities and games involving: parrots of the world, plant & animal life cycles, new scientific evidence that perhaps all dinosaurs wore feathers at some time during their life cycle, new scientific discovery of fossilized color cells leading to the first true color identified feathered dinosaur, basic modes of animal transportation, reptiles, animal behavior research project on Shaping the Bird Brain, and animal camouflage.
We had an amazing 46 volunteers who donated 322 total hours to make our EdZOOcation Day a success. Thirteen local companies provide IN Kind donations valued at $1,446.86. We raised $2,252.81 in cash donations and combined with the In Kind gifts our total for the EdZOOcation event was $3,699.67.
Thank you to all our supporters of this most worthy event, our quest to create an educational zoological facility here in Grand Junction, and our educational programs which are free to local schools.

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