Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Carroll Bennett shows photographs at Barnes and Noble for April

Using several of her images, Carroll Bennett has created this
wonderful photographic collage to honor Earth Day, 2011.

Carroll Bennett, has been selected by Barnes and Noble of Grand Junction to be
their in-store artist of the month.  Ms. Bennett will display a selected
variety of her photographic prints until the end of April.  This coming Saturday, April 23rd between the hours of 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. Ms. Bennett will be at Barnes and Noble on Patterson and 25 1/2 Rd.

She worked as a photographer with the Museum of Northern Arizona.  Bennett worked on an environmental impact study of the Grand Canyon in 1974 to record the changes that have taken place since John Wesley Powell's expedition in 1869.  Carroll used a large format camera and matched photographs taken by the Powell Expeditions of the Grand Canyon.  The Marble Canyon photograph is from this study.

Photos of the Kuna Indians that are displayed were taken when Carroll captured their way of life as an anthropologist.   These photos are displayed in the show.

The Earth Bubble photo is a composite photo using Adobe Photoshop tools.  The NASA photo of the earth was encapsulated in a bubble for Earth Day.  (See attached photo).

Ms. Bennett is retired and has been a long time resident of Grand Junction.

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