Friday, September 3, 2010

Hawaiian Fire Dancers Luau

Fire Dancers added to the excitement and beauty of the evening
(All photos by Vera Mulder)

It may seem easy because the performers have practiced
long and hard. Their work paid off in exciting energy.

All the dancers enjoyed the performance as much as the audience.

One of the big events for the seniors in Fruita is the Hawaiian Luau which takes place near the end of summer. Sherry Tice and her husband, Warren, with friends, organize and cook for this event. Members of the senior groups helped decorate for this year's event.
Serving pork and fish along with other scrumptious Hawaiian side dishes, ninety some guests enjoyed the meal.
Then local individuals who practice Hawaiian dances gave the crowd an opportunity to watch the graceful, story telling dances.
Another high light of the evening was the fire dance troupe who also performed to music related to the evening's theme.

Sherry Tice joined the fire dancers...

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