Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Meandering mid September

Today marks an ugly cold sore and slight fever, but that's not all bad because I have the day off. I was able to thoroughly read the newspaper while Martha Stewart cooked pork loin, apples and red cabbage over my shoulder. So, I decided to renew what I used to do in the Fruita Times when news editor there.
By the way Deb Roberts and Mary Anderson are making that paper work right now and in spite of the usual hurdles, they are doing a great job.
I just have to comment on District #51 and their, what I perceive to be, weak backbone as to our President's talk for school children. Since when is it wrong to have kids listen to motivational words reminding them that they are responsible for their destiny, that they just can't sit around waiting for luck to see them through?
I was grateful to hear "...excelling isn't being smarter than everyone else. The secret to excelling is working harder than everyone else."
More words of wisdom were "Step out of your comfort zone. Try, try, try again. Never give up."
Our President deserved more respect than I feel the District Administration gave and much more than those parents who, for some reason, think they know all, gave.
Denny Herzog, retired editor of the Sentinel, summed up what I feel, when he wrote,
"Whatever happened to the notion that people who tend to discuss issues in terms of ideas are just better than people than those who discuss everything in terms of personality?"
In light of the rise of the Tea Baggers now wanting to be known as Tea Party, I find so much hate and anger pulsing through our society, yes, our community. At a time when our youth needs to hear positive motivation, we, rather,  some, chose to say "no." Isn't that cutting off your nose to spite your face or whatever that quote is?
I have one more comment to write before I close,..again Herzog makes it better than I might say, so here goes "'s office holders are but mere shadows of their predecessors...the Jim Robbs, the Dan Prinsters, the Tillie Bishops, the Gayle Berrys, the Bernie Bueschers. Where are the people we can send to the Legislature knowing they will work with both sides of the aisle to make Colorado a better place for all of us? The kind of cooperation and compromise necessary for public officials to really do their jobs simply doesn't exist in 2010."
So, if the District, and parents don't respect a president who in two years has made huge steps for us with the load of 8 years of war, lies, selfishness on his back, how will America survive unless our youth can return to becoming leaders like those found in the Greatest Generation of American History? (Remember, your grandparents, great grandparents, those who faced huge problems, the Depression, Nazism Communism and when asked to sacrifice, did so...they pulled together for the good of the country. They made America a leader. Let's see, now we rank 11th on the list of best countries of the world.) We suffer infighting, blaming the immigrants, blaming each other, blaming, blaming, blaming while never shouldering our own responsibility.
Are we really dumb enough to "throw out the baby" with the bath water as we elect those who preach discrimination, the answer of NO to moderation, just because they fill the airways with blame, blame through Fox and talking heads? Isn't it amazing that if you follow the money, those with the dough are getting the common American to actually vote against themselves?

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