Friday, September 3, 2010

Last rodeo of the 2010 season, August 30

 With the rodeo finals to be held on September 25, there will be one more opportunity to take in the action. Team roping slack starts at 3 p.m., Barrel slack probably begins around 4:30 or 5.
Rimrock is always a fun event.
Last Tuesday, the Junior Bull Riding event found some very onery animals. One rider was given a head butt. Another bull went for the clown more than once.
Tyler Williams showed his sense of comedy with a new dance when he arrived in a sumo wrestler's outfit. Earlier, he saved some bull riders from what could have been serious injuries. He does a great job at each rodeo.

See you at the Championships on Sept. 25.

The horses are ready...

Waiting for the bull riding event.

Too fast for the light and camera.

"Just winded, darn bronc!"

"Rodeo was fun this season."

"When is my turn?"

Even riders consult one another.

"Those funny looking dudes
say they are my parents."

"I wish I was old enough to ride."

"Mutton bustin' was fun this year."

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