Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rimrock Rodeo August 10, 2010 bulls and more

The bull riding event in the Rimrock Rodeo Show is one that can bring a hush to the crowd. With Tyler Williams back at being the rodeo clown, they know he will go to all lengths for the safety of the rider who loses his seat on that animal. The photos give some indication of just how important the job of a rodeo clown is.
Rider could be in trouble
While the bull riding is enjoyed by everyone, one event not often seen on this blog is the bareback riding event due to the lighting. To use flash isn't fair to the riders since the sudden burst of light could make the rides even more dangerousthen the event already is. Thanks to the two riders who are ready and alert for any problems, bronc riders are helped out of some very tight situations.
The rodeo events only serve to show how important it is for everyone to doe his/her job in the best way possible. The fans love the rodeo because of them.

Williams shows no fear

Sticking to Honey, this bull,
isn't always easy.

It's going to be a header.

This was a close one for sure.

Which one?

Doing his job.

Now what?
Trying to get "unstuck."

This bull just wants out.

Down but not out, yet.

Going for the ride.
Add caption

"I'm ready."

Let that calf go...

Rodeo royalty shadowed

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