Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ralph Dinosaur and his volcanoes Aug.12, last free concert of the season

The 2010 Fruita series of Summer Free Concerts came to an end with the fun and music provided by Ralph Dinosaur and his Volcanoes. As always, Ralph's concerts are enjoyed by so many, as he sings the nostalgic and the old rock and roll songs so many have grown to love , especially  his version thereof.
Gathered at the Fruita Civic Center performance area, a big crowd laughed, stomped their feet and danced to the music. Young and old alike just had to do some dancing.
One bystander wondered why there weren't a few more concerts since the weather in this area cooperates for the most part. And, with that thought, it would be nice to have at least two performances added to this family and community venue.

Dancing to Ralph's beat.

Everybody loves Ralph.

Great time for a pizza snack, too.

Young and in love...

New look?

I wonder if I could dance too?

Where's grandpa?
Let's dance the night away.
Found Grandpa.

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