Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rodeo Night for August 17 finds switch in schedule of events.

With days becoming shorter, the bareback riders showed their skills right after the Mutton Bustin' which begins at 7 p.m.
The bare back horses dumped all the riders except one, who rode for the 8 seconds. Caleb Hindi ended up the only winner.
Saddle Broncs did the same as the only rider to make time was Jerry Blair.
Jesse Cordova took first in Calf Roping with Mario Baleztena placing second.
Ribbon Roping followed next. Tony Mendez roped the calf and Jessica Blasdel took the ribbon off its tail, running through the barrier for the first place time. Jesse Cordova and Katie Jones took second.
Junior Bulls were pretty wild rides but Josh Frost placed 1st with the highest score and Arles Hernandez rode to second place.
Amber Greenhalgh placed first in breakaway and Mandy Rush was a close second.
In Team Roping #8, Red Harper and Heath Harper had the best time for first place with Jesse Baker and Ty Wallace second.
Team roping #11 saw Kyle Rush and Hank Bounds take first and Carson Pearson and JimBob Gomersall made second best time.
Sophie Crews continued her winning streak in barrel racing with a 17.24second ride. Two evening riders made 17.1 but both touched the barrels which gave them a penalty.  Tomar Pinnt took second place.
In 2D, Lisa Hudson was first, Jeanna Nestler 2nd. In 3D Konda Fowler took first, Kayla Calvin, second.
The final event of the night was the Bull Riding Show, and a show it was. the bulls came out kicking air and unseating most of the riders.
Tarrin Calhoun scored an  83 points to stay in first. Casey Farrington hung on for second place.

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