Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rimrock Rodeo, July 13, 2010

Photos are nearly completed, (editing and sizing) will be added in a day. Be sure to look again.

Determined to win, the bull riders in round number one came out fighting. Although Tyler Calhoon earned 72 points as he successfully rode a new bull, Matt McKabe talled up 80 points on Rhino, it was Brady Menge who took first place with 87 points on the back of Little Bear. Quintan Hayden earned second place according to the list of winners. His points were not listed.
The bulls in the Junior catageory were the winners as the first rider out, Brad Osborne, riding Goat, placed 72 points on the judges" score cards. It seemed these junior bulls were reved up with the cooler temperature and gave their riders spectular falls.
You might have guessed this would happen when the names of those bulls were: Lightnin" McQueen, Mama's Nightmare, Problem Child. Wyatt Bronson found the name Stargazer misleading as did Jacob McDonald on Paleface.
Results from other events are as follows:
Calf Roping: Carson Pearson first and JimBob Gomersall, second.
Ribbon Roping: Hank Bounds and Mikki Milsap, first, Jesse Cordova and Katie Jones, second
Breakaway: Ambergreen Leilgh first, Amber Moore, second
Barrels: 1D Sophie crews first, Deanna Weaver. second
2D Jackie Kohg first and Lisa Hudson second
3D Cheryl Harper first and L. Platz, second
Team Roping: (Header followed by Heeler)
#8 Jerry McKay and Justin Skalla, first
Kyle Rush and Glen Younger, second
#11 Kyle Rush and Pake Younger, first
Jerry McKay and Hank Bounds second

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