Monday, July 12, 2010

More on tree burning at Fruita City Park, Snooks Bottom

The burned remains of the tree pictured above the fall scene, which survived 200 years and the gravel pit excavation stand as testament to the thoughtlessness of vandals, a loss for our community. Scroll to the next blog for photos of what the tree looked like last fall. The photo of the tree taken last fall underscores the loss. The destroyed tree was located just to the right of the standing dead tree as you view the photo. It is reflected in the water as well.
According to city workers, a couple walking their dog, reported the fire at 8 a.m. July 9. Workers also noted that last week someone had started a fire farther to the west of this location in one of the dried out huge trunk remains of a cottonwood tree that died during the gravel pit excavations. A hiker had tried to pour water on that fire. The city was called to complete that task. Now another fire burned. Is this the work of the same individual or individuals? Let's hope someone can help find the idiot(s) and force them to pay for the expense and for the crime to nature.
If you hike Snooks, please take note of who is there and what they are doing. This should never happen again.
 Vandals started fire either Thursday night or early Friday morning 

Tree had to be cut down to stop fire which had spread to interior.

One of many huge, tree-sized branches cut from the tree.
Workers are finishing huge task of removing what remains of the 200 year-old cottonwood.

July 11 this trail was piled with parts of the tree.

This is one of the branches from the 200 year old tree.

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