Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Photos from Rimrock Rodeo July 13, 2010. Results in blog below this one

Caught shoveling

A winning ride

Matt McKabe's bull, Rhino, made himself dizzy

Dry Ice delivers big punch

The bull really tired to unseat his rider.

Where's the rider?
Hold on to your hat!

The very first mutton ride
The bull wanted to escape.

Job done

I'll be out there in 4 years!

I'm not too sure about this
Grandpa is proud of me
Okay so far!
I dig my cool hat.
If mom races barrels, I can do this.

Okay, now what?

I think I could have a headache

Run, Mr. Sheep!

Just another ride.

Dad is behind me.

Not a bad thing to do.

I love my hat.

I love prizes.

It's gonna be fun.

The rider went all the way.
Calf released for roper

One step left
Grab that ribbon
Best side forward

Tie those legs, seconds to go.

Between events

Waiting to rope

Taking care of the hooves

Ready to release the  claf

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