Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bike rodeo sponsored by City of Fruita was a success, April 18

With bike safety in mind, the City of Fruita Parks and Recreation Department held its first bike safety rodeo on Saturday, April 18, 2009. 
One of the Boy Scout Troops had organized and sponsored such a rodeo on the FMHS parking lot several years ago. That was a huge success.
With the time lapse, the city felt it was time to present another such rodeo. Throughout the morning, some 40 participants signed up to go through the safety exercises which included everything from how to leave your driveway safely by looking both ways for traffic to pedaling bikes through a course of cones for practice in cycling through obstacles safely, from delivering a newspaper to traveling slowly as well as other safety issues, participants came out with a new outlook on using their bikes safely. The rodeo begins the bike season for the year. With school soon to be out for the summer, it is hoped that kids will ride safely and have fun for the summer. 
The use of helmets was a number one lesson taught. Prizes added to the mix for even more fun and participation. Parents learned safety points as well. 
Patches, the newest member of the Lower Valley Fire Department, talked to young cyclists about bike safety also. He had some great conversations with some of the youngsters.
Here's to a fun and safe summer.