Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Rimrock Rodeo Number 5....

(I just added photos to Rodeo number 2...bulls, mutton bustin' have a few more to add. More Photos will be coming, my computer is fixed. You may find photos from Rodeo 2, 3, and 4 placed on those entries...if I get them mixed up, please excuse, at least they will get posted.

With  a special event by the side saddle riders who presented a great showing of horsemanship just for July 4th, rodeo number 5 opened with flags and a special singing of the National Anthem.
The show got underway with the temperature high and the animals ready. Tonight's results are as follows:
Shane Smith stayed on to take bareback bronc riding with a 68.
Jason Blasdel rode his bull to a score of 83, Nate Hoey was second with 80 points.
The bulls won in the Junior Bull event.
Rory Beach roped his calf in 16.52 seconds.
The team of Brett Chamberlin and Beau Chamberlin were first with 28.15 seconds.
Bailey Herrera took the breakaway spot with 5.70 seconds.
1D Barrel competition saw Raylin Rinaldo take first with 18.20 and Katy Lepp, second 18.43.
2D Barrel competition Kayla Dendy, 19.31 for first. Mandy Masias was second with 19.33.
3D Barrel competition Kayanna Vidmar raced to 20.57 for first and Crystal Williams, second with 20.81.
Team Roping, #8 places are as follows:
First place team, Kyle Rush and Rory Beach 21.33, second place Harlee Roberts and Denton Norell 27.54.
Team Roping #11, Rory Beach and Riley Beach first with 16.24, Brett Chamberlin and Kelly
 Chamberlin 17.64.

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